A Jewish Defence of White Supremacy

Please note this headline is meant to be cheeky.

Now I begin properly.

I had an interesting Facebook exchange this week that got me thinking. In the heated atmosphere generated by current immigration news, I was defending the unpopular notion that it is legitimate to worry about the “browning of America.” A response from one member of The Tribe:

“Believing that people are defined by their ancestry and not what they choose to do always, without question, invariably ends with people killing Jews. If you don’t care about “brown” lives, as you claim, at least care about your own.”

I pointed out three notable examples that contradict this claim.

Firstly, the USA practiced race slavery for centuries, not to mention decades of Jim Crow. Citizenship was only granted to free white persons under the nation’s first immigration law in 1790. It didn’t end up with the killing of Jews. In fact, the USA has been the best place in the world for Jews, and early Jewish settlers thought they were in paradise. Similarly, French Algeria and white South Africa were home to some of the most successful Diaspora communities. They found themselves less secure and in the Algerian case practically eradicated with the end of “white supremacy.”

Some people – especially the airheads in community leadership – imagine Jews are inherently part of some non-existent Rainbow Coalition. In fact, Jews are perfectly capable of thriving when others are not extended the same rights. The current cultural zeitgeist seems to be leaning in the direction that says not extending citizenship rights in an unqualified manner to the rest of the world puts us on the road to Nazism. To this I say piffle. On the contrary I think it would be worthwhile to think about how much American philosemitism and support for Israel owes its origins to the country’s Anglo Protestant roots. Maybe this will make more people wonder whether the browning of America is so good for the Jews after all?


I should also point out that my friends in Hungary all say the Jewish community there is doing quite well and undergoing something of a cultural revival (I plan to visit soon to check this out). This is despite the fact that Hungary is said to be the epicenter of right-wing nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe. The Jewish communities I have visited more recently on the continent, however, exhibit an air of depression, mostly induced by the radical Muslim threat. Islamophilic France has witnessed the brutal murder of a Holocaust survivor, Mireille Knoll, this year by Arab immigrants. Last year another elderly Jewish woman was killed by being thrown out a window. In 2015 there was a massacre at a kosher supermarket by jihadists. In 2012 a teacher and children at a Jewish school in Toulouse were murdered by a Muslim radical, Mohammed Merah. The details of the 2006 murder of Ilan Halimi by a gang of Muslims makes for sickening reading.

The chief suspect in the recent murder of a German Jewish girl is an Iraqi refugee who has fled back to that country.