Sean Gallagher and political agendas in RTÉ

I note than Sean Gallagher’s case against RTÉ may be heard in the High Court this year.


What the media overlooks is often more interesting than what it reports. The drama of the Halawa family was a missed opportunity to ask hard questions about a group of Irish Muslim activists in Egypt. Once upon a time, people who asked questions about Communist subversion of the American government were called paranoid “red-baiters”. Then came the Mitrokhin Archive and the declassification of the Venona Project in the 1990s, and we know those red-baiters were right. Senator McCarthy was widely laughed at in the 1950s for calling Harry Dexter White, one of the architects of Bretton Woods, a Soviet agent. In 2013, Foreign Affairs could run lengthy articles asking why Harry Dexter White spied for the Soviets. We can do the same for Alger Hiss, John Stewart Service, Owen Lattimore, and perhaps hundreds more of their contemporaries.

In the spirit of making sure justice is done today rather than by historians decades from now, the painful possibility of subversion of some kind needs to be confronted. Of particular assistance here may be be an assistant producer of Frontline, Aoife Kelleher, daughter of the Labour Party politician Tom Kelleher. It seems a lot of players here revolve around her.

So, even though Passover is still a few months away, I have Four Questions for Ireland’s national broadcaster about the infamous night of October 24th, the final Presidential debate:

1. Why was Michael D. Higgins was not asked a direct question by a member of the audience? This seems inexplicable, given that along with Gallagher he was the main contender.

2. Why was Glenna Lynch, a businesswoman and left-leaning activist, permitted to ask not one, but two questions to Sean Gallagher? Lynch is a follower of, and is followed by, the assistant producer Aoife Kelleher on Twitter (whose account is now private). Aoife has a history of sending supportive tweets about Lynch when she makes radio and TV appearances.

3. Why was Austin Stack not accepted on the show? The son of prison officer Brian Stack, who was murdered by the IRA in 1983, he made a request to Frontline in order to ask a question to Martin McGuinness. He was declined, and two others got to ask questions to McGuinness instead. One was an unremarkable Fianna Fail girl, and the other was Kevin Conroy. Conroy said he personally disliked Sean Gallagher and was contacted “out of the blue” by Aoife Kelleher to ask questions at the debate. Conroy opened his question to McGuinness with a statement condemning Sean Gallagher.

4. How could 26 minutes lapse between the reading of the infamous hoax tweet and the end of the program without a correction being issued?

I believe the real answers to these questions will show there really was a conspiracy that night. It was all rigged against Gallagher and in favour of Higgins. One can even make the case for Norris being hard done by. A young man by the name of Fitzpatrick was allowed to ask Norris a question. It was really more of a statement claiming he was irresponsible to re-enter the race. This man failed to identify himself as a Higgins supporter, and indeed his question would have bolstered the case for voting Higgins for those of the left-wing persuasion. He also appears to have at least some acquaintance with Aoife Kelleher.

In media circles, there was clear preference for the left-liberal, openly homosexual candidate that was David Norris. After his campaign was wrecked beyond redemption in late July ans early August of that year, with the help of yours truly, Norris was too much of a lost cause. Yet we still have what many people in RTÉ probably wanted: a President with far more loyalty to the teachings of Marx, Shaw, and the Webbs that he does to the Irish Constitution.

Once this fact is established, the Irish people will have to make an informed choice about the future of RTÉ. We can stay the course. We can reform. Or we can do what Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA after the Bay of Pigs: splinter it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

You can guess my preference.


A Word On David Norris’s Book

I didn’t want to bring this up at first, because I thought all copies of A Kick Against The Pricks would end up pulped or remaindered by Christmas. Norris’s self-aggrandizing behavior, bitterness, and wishful thinking in relation to the sexuality of certain historical figures should have accomplished that better than any critic. I also simply wanted to leave the whole Presidential brouhaha of 2011 behind me. Yes, I am proud of playing a part in what many Irish people have told me was the most entertaining political spectacle ever seen in the country, though I may disagree on that point. That really hit home again when I visited Cork over the Christmas period. The final outcome may not have been ideal. Certainly, Gallagher was robbed of a victory only because Higgins was the media’s next favorite candidate. The effort to do good all seemed so futile.

Now, I am more convinced the country had a lucky escape.

One thing I respected Mr. Norris for at the height of the controversy was his condemnation of the nasty conspiracy theories that were floating about. He did this immediately after he made his exit on a Today FM interview, something which I told the people there I was most satisfied with. I made sure to mention to all journalists who asked that I thought he acted like a gentleman and I respected him for it. This was rarely reported of course, as the media would prefer a bitter conflict on matters like this. Norris made it clear he did not believe in the nonsense when he announced his re-entry to Ryan Tubridy (who referred to ‘dark forces’ rumored to be at work).

So, what a shame it was to open page 313 of A Kick Against The Pricks and see Norris blaming the whole affair on a conspiracy operating out of the Israeli embassy in Dublin. I don’t want to give this the dignity of a response, only to say that Norris provides no evidence for this point whatsoever.

My remaining respect for David Norris is gone entirely. He truly is a disgraceful tramp.

Here’s How I’m Feeling Right Now…

Sorry folks, I could only help destroy the campaign of one completely inappropriate candidate for the Irish Presidency. Still, I take some comfort in the fact I might have given the opportunity for someone who isn’t a lunatic leftist to win in the first place. If the Irish people can’t see why a friend of Nicaraguan Communists who attends candlelit vigils for Yasser Arafat shouldn’t be President, then I don’t wish to be associated with the place for the next seven years at least. Ireland is now added to the list of countries and institutions I’m boycotting, which includes Scotland and the Methodist Church. However, I do have  a mother and grandmother over there, so I would have to make an exception in the event of some momentous event that may require a visit.

My affections were increased to the point of reconsidering the boycott now that the evil proposal on Oireachtas investigations has been defeated by a sound margin. For the love of God, remember the former (blessedly) TD Chris Andrews calling Alan Shatter ‘Israel’s puppet in Ireland‘? What about Terry Leyden’s similar comments about both Shatter and Barack Obama? Then there was Finian McGrath calling for an investigation into the Israeli governments role in Norris’s downfall. Imagine these people (Palestine’s puppets in Ireland, perhaps?) having the power to potentially persecute friends of Israel in the Republic. Of course, this proposed amendment was similarly worrying when you consider the attacks leveled against other opponents of the regime, such as the brave patriot and anti-Lisbon campaigner Declan Ganley, by the disgraced Dick Roche and his Fianna Fáil thugs, which led many of the Irish sheeple to regard Ganley as an agent of the CIA and similar nonsense. Lets not forget the buffoon Brian Cowen, who was along with Brian Lenihan and Patrick Honahan the greatest looter of the Irish nation since Cromwell, arresting a man and confiscating his property, while successfully intimidating the media, because he placed an unflattering painting of him in an art gallery.

812,008 votes in favour and 928,175 against. There is sanity in Ireland still.

Ireland’s Circus of a Presidential Race

What a farcical sight the Irish Presidential race has become. Am I happy I played a part in that, you ask? Yes. Yes I am.

Poor Gay Mitchell is slipping into irrelevancy with about 9% support in the polls. Amazingly, among members of his own Fine Gael party he is the third most popular candidate. I blame it on his Dublin-centric nature – he has virtually no support among Fine Gael’s rural base – and being far away in Brussels all these years hasn’t done him any favors either. Fine Gael have tried to address the problem by launching  special Culchie Edition campaign posters for rural areas:

Its tough being a Dub in politics, especially if you’re not the cute hoor Bertie was. The not very charismatic Gay also seems to suffer from necrophilia. This is not to say he wishes to fornicate with corpses. Rather, he seems in love with death, a subject most of us don’t want to hear when we gather around the television every evening.

Then there’s Dana: the one true anti-Establishment candidate. No one would let her serve on the many cushy government board positions other candidates have milked over the years. They didn’t want to periodically break for bouts of prayer, apparently. Oh dear: now we hear she’s sworn loyalty to another state (the USA) and that’s left her open to as many charges of dual-loyalty as  ‘Israel’s puppet in Ireland’ Alan Shatter. She’s compared herself to Eamon de Valera, but critics point out that he was a US citizen by birth and never took the controversial loyalty oath in question. I say the de Valera comparison is valid. Dev was not averse to making a few empty oaths of allegiance, remember?

The fact that Michael D. Higgins leads in the polls is a national disgrace. A 1960’s-style Irish leftie, he’s attended candle-lit vigils for Yasser Arafat, is fond of Fidel Castro, and is the kind of person who might just cry himself to sleep every night singing Cuban revolutionary songs in solidarity with the children of Palestine. His short stature (he had to stand on a box for the Presidential debate on Vincent Browne’s show) has led many to compare him to Bilbo Baggins:

I disagree because Higgins is not a charming character. He may have a bit of an ego problem, given his campaign posters are subtly comparing him to Jesus:

Sean Gallagher has been the real success story of late, surging to second-place in the polls, and a fairly close second at that. Like Mary Davis, he’s flouted his business experience (helped by being on the Irish version of Dragon’s Den). In reality, Sean and Mary have been better at using Fianna Fáil connections in order to sit on numerous boards and quangos than they have at using entrepreneurial talents to generate real wealth and jobs.

I’m not going to bash Martin McGuinness too much. I’ve never been immersed in Northern Irish affairs as much as I should, given I lived next door for a good stretch and now live in the same Union. I don’t know what I’d have been up to if I were a young man from Derry or Belfast during the Troubles. I hate both camps: loyalists killed an extremely high-proportion of civilians compared to actual IRA men; and the IRA, or at least one wing, are a bunch of commies, who also deliberately killed civilians and are anti-Israel. Many in the Irish left seem more bothered by the fact McGuinness has been involved in some very modest privatization schemes up there in Stormont than the fact he was in an armed terrorist group and never recognized the legitimacy of the 26-country Irish Republic until recently. What is shameful is the idea of having a President who just wont admit when he left the IRA. It would be such an embarrassing cloud to have over the Head of State of a modern developed country in Western Europe; making Ireland look like some dysfunctional Latin American or Arab hell-hole. I say to McGuinness (and Peter Robinson and the rest): thanks for stopping the killings. Now go away.

That leaves David Norris. I’m not too upset he’s back from the dead. His popularity in the polls has plummeted and he’ll never recover what he once had. His base, students and some older leftists who think its really important to have a gay President, were enough to bring him back from Cyprus and get him a good following on Twitter, but he’s unelectable outside the ranks of Trinity graduates now. Still, the nerve of the man annoys me. We all know he won’t release the documents because it will reveal he has bizarre views on pederasty, and has loved and assisted the violent Israeli Communist Ezra Nawi – a sexual deviant with convictions for growing narcotics and improper use of firearms.

What a country.