The Halawa incident, and the Muslim Brotherhood plays the victim

In the past few days, the Irish media has been saturated with coverage of those members of the Halawa family who got trapped in a mosque in Cairo, surrounded by police. This happened on the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Day of Rage’ last Friday. They are now being held in an Egyptian prison.

The family have marketed themselves as unlucky tourists, and the media are dutifully parroting this line. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One of these ladies, called Fatima, was being interviewed on Radio One claiming to be innocently trapped in Fateh Mosque on Ramses Square. There was no mention of the Islamist mob that had attacked the police station on the corner of that same square from that same mosque; a mob they were very likely there to support. There was no mention of the fact that the army, police and residents provided safe passage for women to leave Al-Fatah Mosque. Here’s a picture from Egypt Daily News:


Were the Halawas really “trapped” in this mosque?

Fatima’s father is Imam Hussein Halawa, a very prominent Islamist figure operating out of the Clonskeagh mosque. Clonskeagh is a Gulf-state operation and a haven of Muslim Brotherhood ideology.

This young lady was saying her phone battery was so low that she could not call the Irish Embassy, yet she could do several interviews over the same phone with RTE in one day.

Aside from presenting the story from an angle the media wont, I want to offer some thoughts on what just happened here.

Firstly, the ‘plight’ of the Halawas, who arrived in Egypt to agitate, received many times more attention than the 40 churches burned to the ground and looted in the last few days in Egypt. This crime was committed by people the Halawas came to assist. This disparity in the media coverage is in itself obscene.

Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood had called for a ‘Day of Rage’ that led to dozens of policemen being killed, and the violence is still ongoing. Just two day ago, 25 soldiers were lined up and shot by Islamists in the Sinai. Several were beheaded. The Halawa girls were with the Muslim Brotherhood in one of its mosques that same day, by their own volition. Over three weeks ago, Omaima Halawa posted a message on Facebook pledging to stay in Egypt and saying “we only fear Allah not bullets”. Papa Hussein Halawa ‘likes’ this post. Here is a link.

I believe these people, the Halawas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are incredibly talented liars and propagandists, good at portraying themselves as victims. The image below shows them using a tactic the Palestinians have been employing for years: professional “corpses” wheeled out for the cameras.

There is a reflex tendency to see Arab Muslims as innocent victims; of western powers, the Israelis, and so on. Islamic persecution of Copts has no place in the narrative, so it’s simply ignored. Here, for instance, is a report of Muslim Brotherhood supporters capturing nuns and parading them down the streets of Cairo as ‘prisoners of war’.

Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood may be good at PR, but the media won’t ask hard questions because they fear being seen as ‘Islamophobic’. Some westerners are as much to blame as them.


P.S. – I feel I should give you a very short summary of my views on the Egyptian military’s actions against the Brotherhood.

It is commonly said the military are opposing the democratic will of the Egyptians. This is true; but it’s also a very good thing. The Egyptian elections saw the Muslim Brotherhood coming out on top, with over half the vote, and the even more extreme Salafists landing in second, getting about a quarter of the vote. Both groups came out far ahead of the nearest liberal faction. The democratic will of the Egyptian people, much like that of the Arab people in Syria and Palestine, is expressed in fanaticism, supremacism, and hatred. Its far from a minority of Muslims that are Islamists, a lie we have been told for many years.

I do not accept the legitimacy of Muslim Brotherhood or Salafist ideology, and I would not even if 51%+ of my fellow citizens did. Thus, I wish General Sisi the best of luck mowing down every last one of these swine.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Must Be Proscribed By The UK and EU

Last month, you may remember, a drone flying in Israeli airspace was shot down by an F-16. The same thing happened in October last year. These drones, launched from Lebanon, have been pinned to Hezbollah. Yet placing the blame on Hezbollah alone would only be partly accurate.

Bibi Netanyahu once claimed on Bill Maher’s show that there is no war between Israel and Hezbollah; the fight is really between Israel and Iran. As a force, Hezbollah could easily be described as a forward unit of the Iranian army. It receives between $100-200 million dollars a year from Iran, it uses Iranian weapons, it receives training from Iranians, and in many respects is subject to Iranian control. Any drones used by Hezbollah are certainly Iranian in origin and may very well be launched by Iranians operating on Lebanese soil.

The so-called Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or the Revolutionary Guards, are at the heart of this effort.  The Guards are notorious not only for their role in Iran’s military. They are an elite class and a powerful commercial conglomerate that may very well control one-third of the Iranian economy. According to Emanuele Ottolenghi, part of their mandate is to export the Islamist revolution of 1979 abroad. For this, they have a 12,000 strong ‘Quds Force’. These fighters have operated not only in the Middle East against Israel and America. They assisted Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs during the Balkans conflict in the 1990’s. The notorious 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, which killed 85, has been attributed to Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh, taking orders from Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and Ghassem Soleimani, the head of the Quds Force. Delhi has accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guards of involvement in an attack on an Israeli diplomat in that city last year. I could go on.

Islamist groups like Hamas have been proscribed by the EU and the UK for the same reasons the Revolutionary Guards should. The fact that they are not classed as such now seems like a glaring oversight. The Quds Force, specifically, was declared a terrorist organization by Canada last year, and by the United States before that. This is a positive, but to really cripple this army of international terrorism, the funding and accounts of all Revolutionary Guard members and businesses inside the EU ought to be frozen. Weakening the Revolutionary Guards would benefit the safety of people all over the world. However, standing up to Iran in this way would also mean that the country will find it much harder to ignore international efforts to stop their nuclear program.

And wouldn’t you know it, there is a petition calling on the EU and the UK government to proscribe the Iranian Revolutionary Guards right here. This is an initiative of the Zionist Federation, who have produced a handy six page brief on the matter, highlighting the group’s terrorist activities and extreme ideology.  

Useful Links:

Petition: Proscribe Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Brief

Facebook:  List The Iranian Revolutionary Guards As A Terrorist Group

The Arab Spring: The Big Lie of the Middle East

Remember how often we were told that only a tiny minority of Muslims in the world are Islamists? With the success of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in recent years, we were assured that they were in fact moderate Islamists, in a different league entirely from the likes of Bin Laden. I can’t count how many times I was chastised by some leftist – inevitably enamored with the protests across the Middle East – for ‘scaremongering’ about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then came the Egyptian elections, with the Muslim Brotherhood coming out on top, and the even more extreme Salafists landing in second. Both groups came out far ahead of the nearest liberal faction. The result was only a surprise to the western journalists who spent the entire time sipping coffee with Egyptians who looked and acted just like them. The western left suddenly developed a bit more critical distance when it came to the Brotherhood.

So, was anybody at this stage surprised by Mohammed Morsi’s crackdown on challenges to his presidential authority?

Its high time to stop the fantasies and projections about “The Arab Spring”.

Unfortunately, the Arab world has merely swung from one set of bad ideas – Nasserism, Baathism, Pan-Arabism, Socialism, etc. – to Islamism, largely due to the failure of the former to live up to their crazy promises. That is all.

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland and Jihadists

According to the Irish Times, dozens of young Muslims in Ireland have gone to Syria to assist the anti-Assad cause. This does not include medical or humanitarian volunteers. We are talking about people actually fighting. This largely unreported phenomenon also occurred in Libya. Few are aware that between five and ten Muslims who traveled from Ireland were killed in clashes with pro-Qaddafi forces. One of those involved in Syria is Mehdi al-Harati, a pro-Palestinian activist in Dublin who took part in the 2010 flotilla provocation. He founded the Tripoli Brigade, which was one of the first rebel units in the Libyan capital. Now, he leads a brigade in northern Syria.

Of particular interest here is the role of the Islamic Cultural centre of Ireland:

DR ALI SELIM , a theologian at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, in Clonskeagh in Dublin, compares those who flocked to Libya last year and Syria today to the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. “They see it as a battle against injustice that transcends nationality,” he says. The prospect of “martyrdom” is also a strong motivation, he adds. “Many of them, before they leave here, say, ‘Make prayers for me; I want to be martyred,’ because they understand that, in Islam, martyrdom is the way to eternal life,” he says. “If they die as martyrs, they will be held in high esteem. If they survive and come back, they will also be held in high regard, because they have performed a very important duty.”

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an influential Muslim Brotherhood-linked Egyptian religious scholar with strong connections to the cultural centre, recently called via Twitter for people to go to fight in Syria or send weapons there, describing such assistance as obligatory.

Is the ICCI an active recruiting ground for these fighters, or are they turning a blind eye? And what are the motivations of those going to Syria? Selim’s reference to injustice that “transcends nationality” and opportunities for “martyrdom” indicate a strong jihadist presence: men who dream of creating an Islamist state in Syria, or even pan-Islamists who dream of restoring the Caliphate.

The Irish “Anti-War” Movement has been silent about all this, which is no surprise given that its a communist front that takes takes sides in wars more than it opposes them.

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Clonskeagh, Dublin

The Idiocy of Muslims

I think we can all agree that The Innocence of Muslims is a terrible film. But lets not be fooled into believing that its offensive nature is the reason for this recent round fiery demonstrations and violence, anymore than it is the fault of a teddy bear named Mohammed or some Danish cartoons.  Elements in the Muslim world reacted in much the same way in 1989 with the publication of The Satanic Verses, a work of some literary merit. Unless we want our grandchildren to be dhimmis, its time to stop babying these people and allowing extremists to undermine our long-established liberties.

YouTube has been pressured by the White House to remove the ridiculous trailer. Apparently, the First Amendment doesn’t count for anything when some Muslims are offended. Google, the owners of YouTube, have commendably stood firm against the Obama administration. Unfortunately, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian Copt and the alleged filmmaker, has been detained in San Diego. The Islamist-controlled government of Egypt has issued an arrest warrant for him, six other Copts connected with the film, and, incredibly, the stupid Florida-based pastor Terry Jones.

Salman Rushdie must be thankful he didn’t write The Satanic Verses in America today. He didn’t like Margaret Thatcher’s politics.  Thatcher didn’t like him. But the great woman stood by and protected Rushdie in his hour of need. Her loyalty was to her country’s constitution. Barack Obama’s is clearly elsewhere.

The spirit of Charles Martel or the men who held out against the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna is sadly absent in modern-day Europe. Recently, the historian Tom Holland did a documentary on the mysterious origins of Islam for Channel 4. The program included some truly cringe-worthy scenes, involving Holland bending over backwards to a Muslim academic at at George Washington University by the name of Seyyed Hossein Nasr. Holland grovelled before his masta and asked what he must do to prove that he is not an imperialist in his scholarly work. Now, this Nasr fellow gives every indication of being an arrogant, odious person. When asked by Holland if a non-Muslim can hope to understand the origins of the Muslim world, he gave an emphatic single-word response:  ‘no’.  Nasr was clearly a religious man, but his his head happens to be full of the usual nonsense of one of the greatest academic shysters of all time: Edward Said.

A private screening of the documentary before an audience of historians and “opinion formers” at Channel 4 headquarters was cancelled, due to threats directed against Holland and the broadcaster. After all, we dhimmis should know our place.

Yet political correctness clearly only runs one-way. Only days ago, Iranian TV Channel 1 broadcast a viciously anti-Jewish film called Saturday Hunter, in which an devilish rabbi teaches his young grandson to become a mass-murderer of non-Jews and to create a machine that will destroy the goyim. An interesting tidbit: the Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra did the soundtrack.

Number of deaths so far in response to Saturday Hunter: Zero. But TV3’s Vincent Browne still assures us (at 37.20) that Israel is a religious fundamentalist state, no different from Saudi Arabia or Iran. No wonder Ireland produces such cerebral giants like Chris Andrews.