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  1. Pat Murphy says:

    Hi, I am ‘gijoe’ from I note in the national press this morning that you have given at least a vibe that you may well reveal your source pointing you in the direction of Nawi and indeed you wrote at least one post on last night indicating that on reflection you may have been ‘used’ by the Higgins campaign to get this information out as you recollected your source having told you some years earlier that they canvassed for Higgins.

    However, I would counsel against you revealing your source. I am sure that you are motivated to do so because of the continuing suggestions of Israeli dirty tricks and showing that it was really internal left wing dirty tricks of an origin more closer to home. Believe me when I saw I would love to see the mud thrown on the Higgins campaign as well, if anything he has been more vehemently anti-Israel than Norris. But to reveal your source, who could well just deny it in any case, would I feel destroy your credibility. You have developed a cred now with the national media in Ireland, if you are thinking strategically you would retain that cred for more important battles than the Irish Presidency to be fought in the future in countering the almost wall to wall anti-Israeli propaganda in Ireland. You have successfully punched a hole in that agenda, however, to damage that credibility now will I feel hurt the long game here which is in getting a more balanced view of Israel into the national media.

    Its entirely up to yourself but that is just my two cents anyway.



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  4. Sue says:

    Hi John

    Like you I’m a passionate supporter of Israel and also believe the system sucks. I would like to follow you on twitter if you can give me the username?


  5. Zelda says:

    Great blog you have here. I’m right wing and Jewish. Your posts about Israel and the “Palestine” industry are excellent. Keep up your good work.

    • Yep, I’ve been trying to spread the word in the last few days. Interestingly, have been deleting comments of the matter due to fear of legal repercussions.

      I know there have been people tailing Nawi since he gained more international exposure, particularly after the events of 2011. Amazingly, he was stupid enough to say these things to a camera. Then again, he’s also a known flasher.

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