The Norris/Nawi Affair

All my posts relating to the David Norris/Ezra Nawi relationship and the subsequent scandals can be found by clicking:

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6 Responses to The Norris/Nawi Affair

  1. Sarcastix says:

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s because of you David Norris resigned!

    • Jim says:

      And thank God for it. God forbid Ireland should have a Paedophile Protecting President – we have enough problems as it is! Well done John.

  2. Barbara Mitchell says:

    1. Can you just imagine ‘President Norris’ visiting the African and Arab countries with his beliefs, and more importantly with their beliefs and customs.

    2. Ever notice how everything David Norris gives his opinion on, he eventually brings sexuality in some shape or form into it.

    3. Seriously though, wouldn’t it be better for Ireland, if David took himself and his ‘classical leanings’ off to Greece permanently.
    Yes! that would be the best idea, and when he gets himself set up there he could invite the other presidential muppet hopefuls over
    for a very very long holiday.
    Regards, Barbara.

  3. Pingback: Norris team tell Star they won't publish clemency letters because of defamation - Page 65

  4. Norris says:

    But he is protected if he reads them in the Seanad and clear his name………unless he i s lying all the time and there is more dirt to be uncovered.

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